Join me to see “Indy 4”!

Almost 20 years after Indiana Jones last galloped across the big screen in “The Last Crusade”, the bullwhip-cracking hero is back on Thursday, May 22. As a diehard “Raiders” fan, I plan to be there on the first day and would love to get a group of friends together to share the adventure of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! Naturally, I’ll be in full Indy regalia, and I encourage you to also “dress up” in the spirit of this 1930’s adventure! The Schedule: I located an ancient scroll that reveals the top-secret location and showtime for the premiere. Well, OK, I actually just found it on the Internet. Here’s the details: Day: Thursday, May 22 Location: Scotabank (aka the Paramount) theatre, downtown Vancouver (Burrard @ Smithe) Time: 7:00 pm. The movie runs 122 minutes, so we’ll be done by a little after 9.

The Plan, Part 1: Tickets

This showing will sell out – getting tickets at the door is chancy. Please arrange your tickets in advance via the online ticketing service of the Paramount. Visit this URL (and ignore the silly popup message; see below): Paramount Theatre Online Tickets Page Once there, choose Thursday, May 22 from the pop-up menu, and take it from there.Note:Mac users may get a messages hinting strongly that you should use Internet Explorer. Don’t believe this Microsoft propaganda. I had perfect success in Firefox and I suspect Safari will also work for you.

The Plan, Part 2: Meeting

The theatre will be a zoo and good seats will go in a flash, so I would aim to get there a full hour before at 6:00. I’ll be stationed in the Paramount lobby at about that time, and watching out for the gang. Hopefully we’ll all have arrived and confirmed/purchased our tickets by the top of the hour, as that’s when I will be heading for the actual theatre lineup. My cell will still stay on as long as possible for last-minute communications.


Please confirm via email if you’ll be attending so I know who to watch for… and I will also provide you with my cell number in case you need to reach me at any time up to showtime! The wait is nearly over – I hope you can join me in this grand big-screen thrill ride!

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