Large swath of TV universe is simply a child’s daydream

200px-stelsewhere.jpgIt turns out that most of the TV universe can actually be explained as the daydream of an autistic child. At least, that’s the inescapable (and admittedly whimsical) conclusion to be drawn from the painstaking research at this site. To quote and paraphrase from the site: Tommy Westphall was an austistic child on the TV series St Elsewhere who, it was revealed in the closing moments of the final episode of that series, had dreamt the entire run of the show. St Elsewhere has direct connections to twelve other television series – many of them direct crossovers of character to and from the series. Others make mention of specific parts of the St Elsewhere fictional universe, placing them within the same fictional sphere. Some connections are direct (appearance of a character from another show), some are indirect (a company name or cigarette brand). Homicide: Life on the Street producer and St Elsewhere writer Tom Fontana is responsible for this, but many fans have banded together to categorize and link all the connections. Download a PDF with a “map” of show connections, and a detailed list of the rationale for each link, here. And remember, ultimately the “Tommy Westphall Multiverse” may encompass all of us. Are you real or imaginary? Only little Tommy knows.

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