Local antiviolence group leverages the power of artists to stop violence

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Local antiviolence group utilizing the power of artists to stop violence against women and girls Vancouver, March 2 — Fine art, music and social change unite in an upcoming event in support of a local antiviolence group, with noted painters Robert Bateman and Ted Seeburg among those contributing their original artistry. Compassion Globally, founded by Peter Bardon, is dedicated to peacefully reducing sexual violence inflicted on women and girls across Canada. To help spread this message, they’re presenting an exciting live and silent art auction this March 25. It’s a unique evening which will also be awash with superb music by members of the Vancouver Academy of Music plus Vancouver’s legendary Carnival Band. Works are being donated by a wide variety of artists, including painters Jane Richardson and Tristram Lansdowne, potter Robin Hopper, sculptors Tony Angell from Seattle and Jane Hook from Cambridge, Ontario.  Several limited-edition prints are also on offer. “With the proceeds from this auction, we hope to be able to move Compassion Globally all the way across the Canadian nation,” said Bardon.  While the problem of violence against women is worldwide, he adds that Canadians shouldn’t be complacent: “The Canadian YWCA head office recently advised us that in 2015, 460,000 Canadian women or girls reported being sexually violated. This abuse and violence exists in every corner and every economic level of our country.” His proposals for changing this situation are wide-ranging, from lovingly teaching children at an early age to be gentle and respectful towards women, to awareness campaigns aimed at changing adults’ attitudes, to increasing the number of female police officers.  The auction will be held at the Vancouver Academy of Music on Saturday, March 25, starting at 6:30pm. Attendees are encouraged to book ahead by calling Peter Bardon at (778) 867-7064 or e-mailing info@compassionglobally.org.  More information is available at www.compassionglobally.org . Contact: Peter Bardon (778) 867-7064 info@compassionglobally.org ###

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