Look up… way up! It’s the Vertical Orchestra and the Aeriosa Dancers

Vertical Orchestra I love creative, whimsical, public art and performance… so I simply had to check this one out. A Touch of Brass Ensemble, the founding members of which studied with The Canadian Brass, performed as “The Vertical Orchestra” this afternoon at the Vancouver Public Library’s Colosseum-like main branch. They took up spots around the outer side of the massive atrium, on two different levels, and at 1pm they began a concert. Beautiful tones both bright and muted reverberated around the space. It was a delight to behold. Besides the collected crowd, passersby who stumbled across this unexpected musical experience stopped in their tracks and took in the spectacle. Jordan Nobles At the concert I met up with Jordan Nobles, Artistic Director of Redshift Music, the group that makes this whole thing happen (with the help of generous sponsorship, of course). This is him, stopwatch at the ready, kicking off the concert, drag-race style. “Gentlemen, start your instruments!” Events like this get people together, and talking, and that’s another thing I love about them. Thus it was that I bumped into, then chatted with, photographer and filmmaker Elaine Brière, whose compelling documentary work has graced national and international media outlets for many years. We had a great and wide-ranging discussion about art and politics! Check out her website at www.elainebriere.ca. Adam with Jim Green at the library I also saw Jim Green and had a nice chat with him as well. Plus, we seemed to have been working from the same dress code! Click here to view a slideshow of the entire event. aeriosa dance society On the way out of the library, what should I see but another amazing aerial spectacle – the Aeriosa Dance Society fearlessly practicing for an upcoming performance. It sure made for some incredible images. See the entire photoset.

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