Max Wilfred Abrams!

On Wednesday, January 26, at 10:08 am, after two extra weeks’ preparation, Max Wilfred Abrams made his grand entrance in the world! At a leggy 22″ and a sturdy 9 lbs. 3 oz., he made quite the impression. And as you can see, he’s already proving himself to be the little man of 1,000 faces. Christine and I are overjoyed at Max’s arrival, adapting pretty well to our new roles as “Mom and Dad”, and just plain grateful for our precious gift of this beautiful boy. (For some more pics of Max’s first week, check out this photo gallery!) We named him Max Wilfred, after my grandfather and Christine’s respectively. We both feel a great connection to them and felt this was a perfect way to honour them. (Plus, down the road the lad can choose from the equally cool “Max” or “Will” if he likes.) Christine is recuperating well after a few days’ stay at BC Women’s Hospital, and we are tag-teaming to try to ensure that we both get enough sleep. There’s been some late nights and I’ve taken a couple of zombie walks around the apartment at 3am wearing Max in the baby wrap (that thing is like a tranquilizer for the little guy! works almost every time), but all in all we’re managing pretty well so far. And we’re learning something new every day! Now that things are settling down a bit, we’ve started arranging for some visitors – everyone wants an audience with little Max and he’s (generally) happy to oblige. But things are definitely more than a little hectic and unpredictable… so if you’d like to come over, just drop us a line first and we’ll figure out when’s a good time for a visit. All the best and lots of love to all! Adam, Christine and Max

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