Max’s First Week!

Here are some of my favourite pics of our little fella in his first week!

4 thoughts on “Max’s First Week!

  1. Adam, he is the most beautiful boy I have ever seen! I would love to come visit you and Christine and Max, but completely understand the hectic nature of a new arrival (having had 3 myself) – so please just let me know when may be convenient for you all and I am not worried about late cancellations either – I really do understand how it is!! I am not working at the moment so if there is a time during the day that is better for you that is good with me as well, I will just try and fit around your timings (sleep, feeds, changes, sleep, feeds changes, washing, sleep, feeds, changes ……etc.)

    See ya soon,


  2. Wish I could see little Max in person, but since I cannot for now, keep on putting his picture on line so I can see my precious (3rd) cousin!!! He is so adorable and cute!!! glad everyone is doing well, all the best!!!, cousin Linda.

  3. Congratulations to the proud parents from Lynda in Zurich. Max appears handsome even here. I insist on a visit upon my return in March; perhaps by then, he will be sleeping through?

    Keep on sending photos.


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