Max’s greatest hits: the 6 best videos and pics of our little munchkin

Since Max arrived on the scene, a year and four months ago Saturday, I’ve managed to maintain a steady stream of videos and photos – but they’ve almost entirely been put only on Facebook. That’s OK for my friends and family who have Facebook accounts, but I’ve always been aware that it leaves a lot of people out. So now I’m correcting that at least somewhat, by sharing some of the best Max moments – mostly more recent ones filmed since last fall – here on my blog (and in everyone’s inbox via my newsletter). Settle back and enjoy this medley of mirthful Max memories!

Six Great Max Videos

Let’s Kick Daddy!

An early classic from late 2011 – one listen to Max’s delighted, throaty chortle is guaranteed to brighten any glum mood!

Baby Tobogganing

We hit the slopes – well, the gentle bunny hills – for a first snow-sliding experience. Toboggans were out of stock at Canadian Tire, but a tarp worked just as well!

Max Goes “New Wave”!

Max stars in his first music video, performing the 80’s classic “Da Da Da” – coincidentally one of his major new expressions!

First Steps

Only two months ago his first eight steps in a row were an exciting achievement! These days, we’re used to him zipping around all the time. It’s 2 minutes but hang in there for the big moment…

Travels with Max: Barnston Island

A full-blown travelogue of our weekend visit to a rustic local getaway, complete with pop-up trivia and tips.

Moments with Max

Showing off new words like “cheese”, climbing up to our rooftop deck, or playing peek-a-boo with a beach pail, Max is one fun-loving toddler.

Best Max Photos of 2012

OK, the mini-golf one is from late last year but it’s such a favourite I had to include it here!

Just one more

Max, meet “accessible” elevator. Button-pushing nirvana ensues.

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