My glitzy Oscar party!

For the first time, I went all-out for a glamorous, Hollywood-style Oscar Party – and pulled it off handily! (With more than a little help from Christine, who played the role of gracious hostess to a “T”.) View all the photos here! Oscar party 2009 Oscar Party! Oscar Party 2009! An actual red carpet greeted guests, “Celebrities Only” tape marked off the party territory and Hollywood street signs were posted on the walls. (The latter two thanks to a visit to a Hollywood souvenir store two summers ago.) Each guest received an Oscar ballot, and a celebrity name on a sticker was affixed to their back. Only “Yes or No” questions were allowed while everyone guessed who their “Celebrity Identity” was! The ballots were handed out and filled in, and I kept score as the event progressed. At evening’s end, prizes were awarded to – and Oscar speeches coaxed from – those who guessed best, and (to be a good sport) worst. It made for a boisterous and exciting finale to a fun evening! All the trappings were fun but the main satisfaction I got was from seeing people I know from so many different areas of connection all getting along so well, deep in conversation, and clearly having a good time. That was the mark of success for me! Here’s a video too, taken mid-evening…

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun!!!!! Congratulations on hosting such a nice evening for your friends :)

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