My original short film: “A Little Mischief”! What happens to a wide-eyed ceramic figurine when the clock strikes midnight? Find out his little secret in “A Little Mischief”, a whimsical short film – and my directing debut! I started this as an experiment with stop-action software on our iPad while on vacation with the in-laws in Alberta. The little gnome always suggested to me with his slightly over-intense stare that he was up to something… and now I was finally able to bring him to life, and see what he did! One idea led to another, and when I realized that I had an untapped pool of natural acting talent right at my fingertips – Christie’s cousins and her Mom and Dad! I soon progressed from animator to live-action director. Back home, I added music, new footage and professional editing touches. The end result is something I’m quite proud of: short, sweet and whimsical fun. Hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please share it with your friends – I’d love for this to become a YouTube sensation! Adam — A LITTLE MISCHIEF Starring: Holly McCartney Trevor Moody Peggy Moody Thanks to: Holly, Peggy and Trevor Erna Maurer Christine Abrams Filmed with an iPad and iPod Touch Stop-action animation created with myCreate Edited with iMovie and Final Cut Express Music: The Snow Queen By Kevin MacLeod

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