My short film “WAIT FOR RAIN” is coming to the VIFF!

Last fall, I was part of a strange and intriguing short film called WAIT FOR RAIN, created by Josh Epstein and Kyle Rideout, and including Peter Deluise and BC Hall of Famer Blu Mankuma among its cast. Although not in a speaking role, I think I’m somewhat prominent among the denizens of an office in a future where water is Earth’s most precious commodity.  And now, at last, the finished film is going to be shown – at the Vancouver International Film Festival! It’s part of a short film double-feature on Sunday, October 9th at 9:30pm at the Empire Granville, and Monday, October 10th at 4pm at teh Cinematheque. You can order tickets here. I took some pictures of the production, which included filming in an old warehouse on the Eastside as well as the legendary Penthouse Nightclub. Here’s warehouse pics and Penthouse photos. I only saw bits and pieces of the story so I’m looking forward to seeing it in all its finished glory! Christine and I are attending the Monday afternoon showing. Hope you can make it out too.

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