New video parody in support of striking teachers and the BCTF

Thanks to a phone call late last week from my friend and fellow Broadway Chorus alumni Leanne Kuzminski, I’m thrilled to announce the release of “FedUp“, our parody of the Iggy Azalea rap hit “Fancy” – reworked into a message of support for striking BCTF teachers in their long-running dispute over their contract with the BC Liberal government, led by Premier Christy Clark. As the BCTF strike, and the government’s intransigence, strikebreaking tactics and refusal to negotiate in good faith continue, Leanne felt moved to make a statement – and, of course, to have a little fun doing it. After all, as the legendary radical Emma Goldman famously sort-of  said, “A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having!” So I assisted her with some tweaking of the lyrics, and played “music producer”, recording her new rap and backup singers as well, over an instrumental of “Fancy”. Finally, I edited the final piece! Enjoy this very SFW rap and please share it with your friends! BC residents: contact your local MLA – find them at Produced and written by Leanne Kuzminski and Adam Abrams Director of Photography: Ali Harris Editor: Adam Abrams Rap performed by Leanne Kuzminski Singers: Chelsea McCooey, Donna Skrypichayko, Laura Norbury Protesters/Dancers: Chelsea McCooey, Donna Skrypichayko, Laura Norbury, Donna Wong, Chris Hall, Adam Abrams Christy Clark portrayed by Chelsea McCooey

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