Olympic performing opportunity – auditions this Friday!

David C. Jones, funnyman extraordinaire and master improviser, is coordinating performers for the 2010 Olympics. He says he has filled 200 volunteer performer positions already, but would like to get 250. This Friday is the last audition and chance to share your talent with the world! (He is particularly looking for “non-caucasian” actors/performers. Diversity rules!) Here are the details… RSVP contact info is at the bottom. Screen shot 2009-12-13 at 11.46.50 PM The world is coming and Vancouver artists are ready to dazzle them WITH GLOWING HEARTS. We want YOU to be there. At the Olympic Venues. Sharing your talent. With the WORLD! Canada wants its international visitors to know we are creative, progressive, welcoming, strong and proud. We are proud of our fusion of cultures and our innovative nature. We work hard and we play harder. Vancouver will vibrate with stunning virtuoso dance; fierce, fresh music; uniquely skilled street performers and costumed characters that demand to be photographed. From February 12th to March 21st we want the best of the best to be part of this once in a lifetime celebration. Be an integral part of creating and incredible Olympic experience as Vancouver artists entertaining in innovative ways the spectators in line-ups, during competition breaks and as they leave the venues. Share your talent and let the world know we have the leading cutting edge artists right here! We are looking for artists / acts that capture these themes for the Canadian Winter Olympics. Youthful (not the same as Young) Creative Progressive Strong Welcoming Unassuming Honest Proud Fusion of Cultures Check out the website at www.vancouver2010.com to better capture the themes and determine if you have an act that fits. Comedic Actors / Singers / Dancers / Jugglers etc. Note: You are with the people – these are outdoor opportunities and without technical support.

YOU MUST RSVP to book a spot for an audition.

Please email David C. Jones at david_jones@vancouver2010.com.

3 thoughts on “Olympic performing opportunity – auditions this Friday!

  1. Ah yes, more exploitation of talented performers eager for any kind of exposure. Slash arts funding to the bone and beyond, and then ask the artists to perform for nothing. Am I the only one who sees a disconnect to this? KDM

  2. Hey, thanks Kevin for your comment bigtime… I’m so tired of being constantly expected to do my work for free… i can’t tell you how many times i’m asked to do that and how many other events i’ve supported with my work – to help them – how are we supposed to make a living when we’re giving it away all the time?… it seems folk (who are not artists/creatives) assume that we’re just having “fun”… THIS IS OUR WORK!

  3. Oh come now Kevin, it’s not like performers are doing something important that’s worthy of pay, like oh, Security for instance. Volunteerism is the very essence of Community and that’s what, at the eleventh hour, with out of control cost over-runs, this global spectacle is all about.
    Apologies to David C. Jones, but with 90% Provincial cuts to funding for Arts & Culture on the horizon these Olympic “opportunities” are hard to believe. Maybe the architects, designers and builders of the facilities, or the members of the Vanoc Team themselves might enjoy such volunteer opportunities within their own fields of expertise.

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