Performing the “Tin Can Song”

Back in 2002, I was doing my monthly “Tin Can” street fundraiser for Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter when inspiration (and whimsy) struck. Before long, I had scribbled out new lyrics to a well-known theme for a certain superhero – and created “The Tin Can Song”. Since then, the song’s been a real hit with my fellow volunteers and the women of the VRR collective (or maybe it’s just my enthusiastic performance). And it does seem to make an impact on the street – you can actually see this during the video, as someone donates right in the middle of the song! So here it is, for all the world to see. I hope you’ll manage to catch it live some Saturday afternoon in Vancouver, but until then, you can enjoy “The Tin Can Song” right here – anytime.

1 thought on “Performing the “Tin Can Song”

  1. I realize that my last comment that I sent re: the Silent 1956 comedy, got sent to YOU, not the creators of the film which was really well done! By the way, you DID a good job reviving it!

    My comment to you regarding This bit of entertainment (The Tin Can Song): splendid performance!!!!

    Fran Dietz

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