Pillow Fight Club 2009 – pics and a video

Pillow Fight Club! Here’s my best photos of the annual impromptu Pillow Fight Club event. If the first rule of PFC is not to talk about PFC, I guess I’m breaking the rules… but I’m certainly not alone. Although turnout and enthusiasm were robust, there were even more people documenting it! I arrived moments before all pillow-hell broke loose. I carefully stashed my glasses deep in my shoulder bag, scrunched my hat down, pulled out my pillow (a lovely silk-cased number borrowed from Christine) and headed fearlessly into the fray. Pillow Fight Club! Although, as I mentioned, many were filming from safely outside the perimeter, I saw an opportunity for some truly unique shots by going right in with my camera blazing. I kept the strap firmly around my wrist (and indeed had it knocked from my grasp at least once) but the results were, I think, worth it. Have a look at the entire photoset or view a short video.

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