Ready to Ramble!

My seemingly endless quest for a retro – yet practical – automobile finally came to a happy end in May 2005, as I became the proud owner of a 1963 AMC Rambler! Just slip behind the wheel of this charming slice of auto history, and you’re transported to a simpler time – when we lived in a three-channel universe, seat belts were strictly optional, and surfing was done on the beach, not a computer.

There’s also another story – one that could only be told once my 1987 Oldsmobile was relegated to the scrap heap. It’s the amazing tale of a car that didn’t go in reverse… which didn’t stop me from driving it for a year and a half! Read the incredible tale: “Boldly Going Forward”. (As published in the Vancouver Sun’s auto section!)

Look Inside!

Tour the Rambler and see its many unique features.


A bittersweet farewell to my former wheels.

Oasis Car Wash!

For her first car wash, a visit to one place as retro as she is.

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