Reviews and Media Articles about “Bruce, The Musical”

“Bruce, The Musical” has come to the end of its 10-day run – and it’s been an amazing experience. I connected with some amazing people, got to have tons of fun on stage with contrasting and crowd-pleasing characters, and was part of something bigger than just another great show – it spoke to an entire community. Here’s a roundup of the (generally positive) reviews and a couple of background articles that ran in local papers.


Vancouver Courier “It may sound corny, but you could feel community pride in the air… amazing singers… the jazz is hot and cool.” Georgia Straight “…the music by Bill Sample and Earle Peach is excellent, and ranges all the way from a lovely spiritual, “The Tipping Point”, to the Chinese-inflected “Gold Mountain”… there are times when you can’t help but be affected by Eriksen’s—and this musical’s—demand that the poor be treated with respect.” Vancouver Sun “a very pleasant piece of pure propaganda… the singing of these simple tunes is so strong that the show sometimes soars. (It’s) a tribute to the hard-working people who are so often overlooked on what used to be disparagingly known as Skid Road. Taken with that grain of salt in mind, it’s actually quite a sweet experience.”


Crusty Activist’s Fight for the City’s Poor Worth Singing About Vancouver Sun Bruce Inspires More Than Community The Province

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