Rogers Video report on sculptor Morag McLean

‘ve decided to put some of my old Rogers Community Cable video reports online. After a decade of the VHS tapes gathering dust, it’s finally become practical to share them via the web, using technology that didn’t exist when I created these videos. I’m quite proud of them – I did the writing, shooting, and/or editing for most, in addition to being on camera. This one is a favourite – I think it was very professionally done. It profiles an artist and sculptor who was at the time a recent arrival to Canada but who in her native England had done some amazing work on props and effects for everything from French and Saunders to Doctor Who! Check out her website for more info. Too bad the video quality of my cranky old VHS tape is occasionally flawed. But after many passes trying to get a glitch-free version, I managed to stitch together something viewable. Enjoy!

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