“Sasquatch” – day 3

The big question this morning was, would we actually be filming today? There was some talk that all the film projects at Cap College might have to be pushed back a week, in a chain reaction from the delays that happened due to the snow yesterday. While I almost would have welcomed such a delay myself – it would give me a day to get some work done and help my Mom with preparations for her move on Sunday – I also did want to get this over with. I got up at 6:45 am and quietly checked my email. There was a message – humorously phrased to play off of everyone’s anxieties: “Sorry guys, but we’re going to have to… SHOOT!” So at 8am, I was back up at Sasamat Recreation Centre. Since we’d missed a whole day here yesterday, it was definitely going to be a long, loooong day today. By now, the lodge at Sasamat was a familiar and comfortable place. I settled into an armchair by the fireplace. Then I reached for “David Copperfield” and realized I’d forgotten to bring it! Luckily I had newspapers with me and those kept me well occupied for a while. When the time came for me to go before the cameras, it was all scenes in “Greg’s cabin” – me writing at my desk, getting bad news on the fax machine, or hearing a noise in the kitchen and anxiously heading over there while brandishing a ski pole. The biggest excitement today, however, was that I finally had scenes with The Sasquatch! These scenes are the height of the film’s comedy and zaniness. I was really looking forward to them and they were tons of fun to do. I had a good rapport with the actor playing the Sasquatch so our scenes of meeting and befriending each other felt like they played very well.  There was some discomfort too, as I needed to lay on a cold, somewhat damp rug for a long time while we filmed a scene where the Sasquatch and I awake from a nap. And the cabin was chilly at the best of times, even when the lights were blazing. I always took the opportunity to put my coat back on between takes, or to go back to the lodge. By 6 or 7 pm, I was feeling a bit dazed. The skies were again dark and the paths and roads between the cabin and the main lodge were icy. The final scenes were in the “Ranger Cabin” where I’m handcuffed to a filing cabinet – the final scene in the film. I felt I had some good moments in my scenes there. I’m hopeful that it will be a very funny and polished film – I’m really looking forward to seeing it!

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