“Superman” Closing Night

For my final blog entry about “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Superman”, something special. Join me as I capture what happens backstage, in the wings, and in the green room while the show is in progress, minute by minute. From the vocal warm-up to costume changes in the wings, to the high-spirited wrap party afterwards, it’s all here. Below are just a few samples – for the whole gallery, click here. Also, here’s a video of some random moments I captured during rehearsal and performance. 2048850765_f76685eddc.jpg 2048851265_92afd63332.jpg 2048845557_2c34d3c49c.jpg 2049637246_7a4dc1c7f7.jpg 2049641300_f098c16612.jpg 2049642152_40055dbf8f.jpg View the complete closing night photo gallery!

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