Support a happenin’ hep-cat hangout

Flickr Photo GalleryLately I’ve taken to hanging out at the Zodiac Club Café on West Broadway, at least on the weekends. It’s a very cool little place, a blend of New Age and hipster bohemian, with a warm, informal and welcoming atmosphere (and nice comfy couches for kicking back in). There’s also food and drink on the menu (and some great soup). But the kicker is that there is some fine jazz, with a core group of regular performers, and others dropping in here and there. The musically inclined among the audience are also welcome to join in – there have been some excellent guest vocals every time I’ve attended. And yes, I also have crooned a tune or two! Watch the band in action below or view some pics here.

Click here if you don’t see the video above

Check out a photo gallery of the Zodiac! The Zodiac has other events, such as poetry and open mike nights, throughout the week, which I’m sure are well worth checking out as well. But you’re most likely to find me there on a Friday or Saturday night, when the jazz-club vibe is at its finest. Then, I can almost imagine I’ve warped back in time and landed in one of the original beatnik hangouts of the late 50’s. The Zodiac is truly one of those precious gems, a no-attitude, friendly yet very cool place to hang out late on a weekend night. These places are precious and rare in this city, delicate blooms that can wither all too quickly. So I encourage anyone and everyone to come on down, order a cappuccino, and help make sure this place thrives.

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