Surprise! I’m back in LA… for a day

Saturday, September 18, 8:30 AM — Only a week after taking to the skies for my Las Vegas trip, I’m airborne again – this time, though, it’s a very different kind of trip. I’m being flown to L.A. to be interviewed for a documentary film! Like many adventures I’ve had, it all started with an email.  A few weeks back, I was contacted by Alex Roman, an independent filmmaker in L.A., who was planning a documentary on the Parker/Hulme murder case – the events of which were the basis for the film, “Heavenly Creatures”. Alex contacted me thanks to my website on the film and the facts of the real-life case, which I created back In 1996 in the months after first seeing – and completely falling for – the film. Even all these years later, the site generates steady if occasional email contacts from fans of the film and even people connected in some way to the real people of the story. Alex fell firmly in the latter category, as he was planning a film called “Reflections of the Past” ( that would explore the underlying issues of the case in a way not done before. Initially, he asked only for information and some contacts, but after a more lengthy email exchange and a long phone conversation, he told me he was interested in interviewing me! Though I assured him I was no walking encyclopedia of the case by any means, only a passionate fan of the film and interested in the real story and people, he felt that my perspective was valuable to include. Still, I wondered how he would logistically go about interviewing me. He considered flying to Vancouver, but decided in the end to fly me down to L.A. I was surprised, flattered and, it must be said, a little taken aback at first, to be going on a trip like this at the expense of someone I barely knew and had never met. This was a totally new experience for me. Did I even know what I was getting into? However, everything I’d seen and heard reassured me that all was on the up and up. Alex struck me as a smart, earnest and dedicated guy. His preliminary footage seen on his website was clearly shot with the utmost care and professionalism, and the assistance of a talented crew. Plus, he also had a podcast (it’s at wherein he interviewed local L.A. characters, from booksellers to police officers. The people were interesting and his questions engaging. I was sure that this would be a fun and rewarding experience. And besides, my general feeling is that one should grab life with both hands, and – within reason – take the opportunities it throws your way. A bit of a leap into the unknown now and then is a good thing. The truth is, I never really doubted I would be going. Feeling a strong sense of responsibility to provide Alex with strong material for his film – especially considering the effort and expense he was taking on to bring me down there – I made sure to go over his questions (which he provided in advance) and think about them as deeply as possible. I also rewatched “Heavenly Creatures”. Although in the past I’d viewed it countless times, it had now been a long time since I’d seen it. Even a beloved film can lose its impact through overexposure. But happily, the passage of time rendered it fresher than I’d thought possible. Again I found myself utterly wrapped up in Pauline and Juliet’s teenage exhilaration, laughing at the giddy humour of the scenes of their developing friendship, and – as the cruelly inevitable end approached – gripped with dread and overcome with emotion at the tragedy and horror that ended a life and caused so much destruction and heartache. And so it was that I found myself where I am now – on a plane bound for LAX, where I’ll meet Alex in person and answer his questions. It should be a great experience. I’ve also arranged to join another friend in LA and another filmmaker. Mark Tapio Kines – who I also know thanks to an “HC” connection. All of us are set to go to a fun “Mystery Science Theatre”-style movie tonight. It looks to be a fun and memorable experience. More reportage to come! Read the rest of the story here

2 thoughts on “Surprise! I’m back in LA… for a day

  1. Great news, Adam!

    I thought you were just interested in the film because you were in love with Kate Winslet. LOL!

  2. Hey Adam,

    It was a pleasure working with you and receiving your thoughts on Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme. Thanks so much for taking a chance and embracing the unknown. Your trust in me I honor greatly!

    Take care,


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