The Broadway Chorus presents: ANOTHER ELFING MUSICAL!

Dates: December 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 (Wed. through Sun.) Location: Studio 1398 on Granville Island (see directions below)  Showtimes: 8:00pm Wed-Sat, plus 4pm matinees Saturday and Sunday Just what the world needs … another elfing musical! Yup, the Broadway Chorus returns to its roots with a Christmas-themed extravaganza, telling the heartwarming tale of young snow elves looking for fame and fortune at the North Pole. Come revel in the yuletide glory of it all, the rich panoply of holiday festivities, and the socks. Yes, there will be socks, for what is Christmas without socks? This show is particularly special in that it features narration from a genuine Hollywood star (seriously, no kidding!) who was kind enough to do a favour for a friend. We don’t know if he wants to be thanked by name, so I’ll just hint for now… but if any Desperate Housewives find a Firefly in their Castle they can probably guess who it is! And of course there’s music, including songs from current hits like Sister Act, flops you’ve never heard of like 9 to 5 (sure, you know the movie, but the Broadway version only eked out 148 performances), rarely-performed golden age shows like The Boys from Syracuse, and many, many more! As for myself, I’m featured in a key supporting part as a “Mad Men” style ad exec. As you know if you’ve seen this, it’s a role I’m delighted to play! Oh, and I also get to sing my lowest bass note ever in a brief solo. How low can I go? See the show and find out! To reserve tickets e-mail or call 778-322-7182 (and we’ll return your e-mail or phone call with a confirmation). OR…

Click here to order tickets online!

Tickets are $15, or $12 for seniors, students, and children.

Studio 1398 is located two buildings east of the Kid’s Market on Granville Island. Parking is free on the Island after 7:00pm (even in parkades!)

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