Treasures from the VHS Vault: #1

I’m spending the weekend zipping through my box of old VHS tapes – many over 20 years old – and capturing anything I still deem worthwhile or entertaining. I hope to finish it over the weekend. I’ll be sharing anything extra-special that I dig up, and this was a fun one: the “ladder” gag on a 1995 Late Show with David Letterman episode. Bill Cosby talked about the sections of the studio audience that guests never visit when they enter. Like the balcony. “If only we had a cherry picker or a ladder…” And thus it was that a bunch of heavy hitters in the entertainment-industry – Dave, Cosby, musical guest Tito Puente and, eventually, Luke Perry – ascended a rickety ladder to the Ed Sullivan Theatre’s balcony.  A classic spur-of-the-moment Letterman gag. Here it is in all its glory!

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