Tuesday is your last chance to transform B.C. democracy

Well, this is it – as a B.C. voter, tomorrow is the day you get to have your say about our political future. But honestly, your choice between Liberal, NDP, Green, or something else pales in comparison with the opportunity being handed to you – and it’s probably the last chance you’ll get. It’s a chance to put B.C. in the forefront of true democracy in North America. To bring real power back where it belongs – with the people. Too many people still don’t even know what STV is. Regardless of how you vote, make sure your vote is an informed one. Check www.stv.ca for an overview. It’s no secret where I stand. I think BC-STV will transform BC elections and produce more representative results. I think the anti-STV voices are at best misinformed, at worst playing into the hands of those who would preserve the status quo. And it’s pretty clear who those forces are – the parties in power who want to retain their power. With BC-STV, your vote will be MORE powerful, MORE representative, MORE democratic. They say it’s too complicated – but your vote is a simple ranking of preferences. They say the math is too complex – but the fact is, the formula ensures that your preferences are correctly distributed. They say it leads to paralyzed coalitions – but some of the things Canadians cherish most, like national health care, were born under coalition governments. (Coalitions mean both the left and right have to temper their more extreme positions and come to consensus. I don’t see a downside to that.) They say it puts power in the hands of the big parties – so why are those self-same parties trying to convince you not to vote for BC-STV? If you’re still not convinced, have a look at what Christy Clark – who campaigned against BC-STV last time – has to say about why she has changed her mind: Bottom line, I say, let’s try it. We are being given a rare chance to choose true democracy. The ruling party has set the bar high – high enough, they no doubt think, to ensure BC-STV’s failure. On May 12, prove them wrong. Show your power. Vote for the Single Transferable Vote – BC-STV.

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