Ukulele Night at Our Town Café! A Vancouver tradition that’s grown exponentially since it began in 2000, the Vancouver Ukulele Circle is a monthly meeting of “uke” enthusiasts of all skill levels who gather to play some songs and have some fun! Led by internationally acclaimed ukulele performer Ralph Shaw, it’s a friendly group that makes everyone feel welcome. Song sheets are provided and Ralph often points out a tricky chord (or suggests an alternative) before a song. The first half of the evening is a strum-along and the second half features open-mike performances. It’s all very non-intimidating and you don’t even need to bring a uke… though most do! What you will want to do is arrive early as it is standing room only once the music gets underway at 7:30. This video was taken at my first time attending the event on Dec. 18, 2012. It’s inspired me to get serious about my uke playing – I’ve been winging it all these years but will definitely get sorted out on my chords before the next event – which I definitely plan to attend! Find out more at .

1 thought on “Ukulele Night at Our Town Café!

  1. Hi Adam! loved the video! you captured the essence of the circle and the evening! Just a minor note – on the title of the video, you have since 2010 and should be 2000.
    Yoshimi says you’ll be coming tonight – see ya later! AM

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