Video: 90 seconds of tropical magic at the Bloedel Conservatory

Christine and I were in Queen Elizabeth Park yesterday, and couldn’t resist a visit to Vancouver’s trusty tropical getaway. For just $5, we were surrounded by beautiful and exotic flora and fauna. And there’s also a nice semi-secluded bench which could theoretically be used for smooching. I’m not saying any more than that. Trouble is, as most folks probably know, our penny-wise, pound-foolish City Council has decided we need to drop this civic jewel like a hot potato, ’cause it’s simply not enough of a money-earner. There are many solutions to the profitability problem but they are also making a false crisis out of supposedly critical roof repairs that in fact are not immediately needed – all to inflate the operating-cost figures. Please visit the site and make a donation if you can. There’s also info on how to contact the Parks Board with your support for the Conservatory.

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