Video: Moveable Music School graduates in concert

Vancouver’s Movable Music School is an ongoing series of weekly music lessons, at levels from beginner to advanced, organized by Rosemary Campbell. Classes are held in people’s homes (thus the name), and typically run for six weeks. At the end of each term, folks from all the different classes meet for a potluck and performance. The vibe is supportive as people of all levels display their new-found talents. I attended after my girlfriend Christine and I took the “Beginning Guitar” course. It was great fun and, as you can see here, we weren’t half bad after only six lessons! I was especially wowed by the Songwriting Level 2 course graduates, all of whose material impressed with their wordcraft and melodies. Wow! Thanks to Alex Garcia for the footage of me and the Beginning Guitar class.

3 thoughts on “Video: Moveable Music School graduates in concert

  1. Hi Adam,
    Nice to see you at the MMS concert.
    Your guitar class sounded great for newbies!
    Your strumming was excellent. I hope your official videographer will
    get your left side in the frame at the next performance. I want to check
    that your fingers never leave your hand. ;~)

  2. Great work Adam- you guys sounded great! Nice work editing the footage as well. Thanks for that.

  3. Hi Adam,
    Hey, thanks for this. Sorry I wasn’t there to see the real thing but you all did sound great…well done!

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