Video of my musical wedding surprise!

At our wedding last fall, I sprang a hastily-planned musical surprise on my bride-to-be. Knowing me, she may have suspected a song was coming… but the additional help I received halfway through was most certainly a surprise. There was even some rudimentary choreography! Apologies for the slight wobbliness of the video, but luckily the essence of the moment shines through. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Video of my musical wedding surprise!

  1. Hey Adam… and how sweet was that… thank you for sharing… you are one cool guy… and good singing to… wuz hopin’ you were going to break out into a tap…. big hellos… carol :o)

  2. I was sitting at the same table as these two Chorusline crashers. They had been plotting all evening long! Don’t ever trust them again!!! I heard it all!!!!!!!

    (Great stuff)

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