Video report on book launch for “In Mania’s Memory”, a unique Holocaust story

httpv:// On Thursday, Sep. 23, the Bau Xi Gallery in Vancouver was packed for the launch of Lisa Birnie’s newly published book “in Mania’s Memory”. It’s the story of Mania (“mahn-ya”), a little girl in Poland during World War II whose life was saved by a sympathetic female SS guard – and Mania’s belief that, years later in Toronto, the housekeeper who came to work for her was that same guard. Although the woman, Johanne, denies it, Mania is convinced that this is the same person who saved her. Birnie’s book tells both women’s parallel stories, and culminates in a meeting between the two at the concentration camp where Mania says they crossed paths, and where it is hoped that, more than fifty years later, as the women meet again after many years, Johanne may finally admit to this act of kindness. You can read the first chapter of “In Mania’s Memory on the website.

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