Vote Yes on STV – our last chance to make every vote count

It seems that the most profound choice you have to make on May 12 is the one that has gotten the least publicity. While you may have strong opinions on which leader to send to Victoria,  it’s the STV, or Single Transferable Vote, that will really make a difference in the long-term – by transforming the voting system itself. STV means that every vote will truly count. This election, STV is also getting a rare second chance. A majority of BC voters approved STV already in the last election – but even so, the bar for approval was set so high by Campbell’s government that approval fell just shy of the required percentage. No surprise that the party in power didn’t want to endanger their comfortable position. This time it has to be different, or we will likely never get another chance for generations to put STV into practice here in BC. Detractors will point out flaws in STV, but after sifting the various opinions, I am convinced that this is something we should support. No system is perfect, but STV has the potential to revolutionize the electoral system and put much more power into the hands of voters. Maybe that’s why politicians have resisted it. But decide for yourself – have a look at the STV website, and also the anti-STV campaign. (In the coming week, I’ll give my take on some of the claims the “anti” side is making.)

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