“Where am iMoney?” Not in _this_ program, that’s for sure

With Intuit about to release their updated Mac version of the venerable financial manager program Quicken, I heard the developer on the Macworld Podcast say that early beta testers were calling the slickly redesigned app “the missing iLife App”. Following Apple’s naming convention, that means they might have called their new program “iMoney”. But, I wondered, was there already an iMoney app out there? Sadly, yes. And, yuck. First off, it’s a PC app. Deal-breaker, and extra demerits for for ripping off the “i” naming convention in a transparently lame attempt to sprinkle a little Apple cool-factor on their typically kludgy-looking PC product. No Steve-Jobs-approved simplicity and slickness here. Then there’s that utterly pedestrian website, with overly-precise phrasing that has a heavy whiff of “Engrish” to it: “Show all your finance easily” or my favourite: “Where am I Money?” But hey, it’s an award-winning program! If by “Award” you mean that it works with an almost-current version of Windows. They do. The rest of their “awards” seem to be for the fact that they’re not spyware (congratulations guys!) or for reasons unknown, as none of the award logos are clickable. Perhaps they just created this program to tempt Apple into buying them out – and taking over that name. If so, good luck to them!

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