The Hollywood’s Brightest Future?

The good news is that the Hollywood’s future looks brighter, and cinema is likely to make a comeback on Vancouver’s west side! The question is whether the plan that’s currently on the table (as part of a broader redevelopment proposal for adjacent properties) will fully realize the Hollywood’s brightest future.

For those who’ve heard it through the grapevine or been contacted directly, the Save the Hollywood Theatre Coalition is aware of the Hawkes and Mawhinney proposal and ongoing efforts to promote it.  We are not part of this proposal, and we are currently requesting a meeting with the City to obtain a better understanding of the broader planning and development context within which the current proposal is being advanced.

As you know, the Coalition’s aim has always been for a non-profit, community-oriented outcome that protects the Hollywood’s heritage and addresses the critical shortage of affordable arts and culture capacity on the west side.  So, while there are many reflections of the Coalition’s plan (Reinventing the Hollywood) in the current proposal, we need to know more about the heritage preservation aspects, and the extent of related development benefits that the City may be offering.

We’re also looking for more clarity on how a for-profit solution is going to deliver affordable and sustainable arts & culture capacity that fits in the local community.

And, finally, given the unmatched cultural capacity of city-owned cultural spaces, the question remains: is a public option potentially within reach?

Can we do better?

Stay tuned.

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