It’s the “Wittertainment” Movie Theatre Code of Conduct T-Shirt!

Cinemagoers rejoice! The T-Shirt version of the official Moviegoer’s Code of Conduct is now available! 

Buy the T-Shirt Here!

(NOTE: besides the classic T-shirt, you can also get this graphic on cards, notebooks, even iPad covers! Just be sure to turn that iPad off in the theatre of course…)

I created this custom graphic based on the original list created by BBC Radio’s Kermode and Mayo Film Review show (known as the home of “Wittertainment”). It shows – in a clear, international-signage style – all the movie-theatre behaviours that are disturbing to other patrons and thus should be avoided. Most people of course are polite and considerate, and wouldn’t even think of, say, rustling noisy snack wrappers during a film. But some people seem to need a reminder.

Best of all, now you can call out Code infractions in a silent and code-compliant way! Just point one finger at the graphic of the offence in question, the other sternly at the miscreant themselves. It’s sure to be far more effective than the mere furrowed brow. 

Note that there’s a separate “light background” version which is best for some applications and for a light-background shirt.

Get your Code of Conduct T-Shirt today and help keep your local cinema civil!’

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