Another letter of mine read out on the BBC’s film review show!

It had been a while since I’d had  a letter read out on my favourite podcast of The BBC’s Flagship Film Show™, Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review. And there hadn’t been anything in ages that had compelled me to write again.  But last week, when a discussion arose about – of all things – movies on vinyl records, and they asked listeners to email them if they owned anything like that… it was one of those thrilling moments when I knew I must take pen in hand, and felt it was almost certain I’d get read out.


Well, because I own a geeky, rather ancient artifact that probably nobody in the listening audience had.  The listener who wrote in described his copy of “Return of the Jedi” in record format – not a music soundtrack, but the movie itself, with dialogue, underscoring and sound effects. I knew that I too had something just like this, but for “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

Click below to hear my description of it. It was a delight to hear that I made Mark laugh… !

You can hear more of Kermode and Mayo, aka Wittertainment, on iTunes or the BBC Website.

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