Still vertical and on the job

Dear Family, Friends and Fellow Artists,

Just reaching out to let you know that I am still vertical and on the job. Our adversaries do not seem to be giving up, so neither can we. Below is a collection of recent works for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure). Click any image to view a larger version.

Community support begins with an individual, usually someone in the line of fire. Because we are now all in the line of fire, please attach any of these posters to email or social media platforms you think may be relevant.

My website is still floating around in space, but the lack of recent web activity or linkage is making the site invisible – So S.O.S.

Special thanks to Adam Abrams, actor and master web captain, for getting this message safely launched and Willa Madden who put in many hrs designing the website. Also Gail Wiley, who created the text on many of the current works and deserves a lot of credit.

It takes a village,

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