BACK TO THE FUTURE Blu-Ray screening and costume party on Halloween weekend!

Fans of what may be the most entertaining and inventive trilogy ever made are rejoicing at its imminent release on Blu-Ray! This is the movie that finally convinced me to get a DVD player many years ago… and with this release, it should look its best yet on our 42″ screen. And what better way to celebrate than to enjoy it with a bunch of friends and fans! I’ll tell you what’s better… DRESSING UP for the occasion! Thus, the Back to the Future Viewing and Costume Party! That’s right – we’ll screen BTTF (the first of the three) and everyone is encouraged to dress as their favourite character from the trilogy. BTTF gives you so many costume options: 50’s, 80’s, Vegas trashy or leather-clad biker (the “bad alternate 80’s” of Biff’s Casino), utopian future, and of course the Wild West of BTTF 3! So get ready for a transdimensional happening. Set your digital clocks to Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 8pm, and hop in your Delorean for the party of the century! Email me if you can make it… thanks!

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