How to get $100 from the BC Lottery site – I did it!

(Apologies for the earlier headline saying $200 – that’s the total you end up with, but you have to pony up $100 from your credit card so your net gain is $100.) Well, I’m no gambler, but when I heard about the risk-free offer happening on the BC Lottery website, a $100 incentive that you are able to redeem for cash without spending any of it – I was certainly tempted. But I didn’t want to wade into the unfamiliar world of online betting so was going to let it go… when some clear instructions came over the email transom. I tried it, it worked, and I’ve actually adjusted the instructions to be even more clear and foolproof (I’m a nervous nellie so at one point I was unsure if I was risking losing some of my bonus – I’ve clarified that step here). If you want to try it, read on. The offer is only good through tomorrow, October 5, at midnight. 1. Go to and sign in with a credit card. You get a $100 token that is set aside until after you make your first bet of $100 from your own money. 2. Deposit $100 from your credit card into your new account. 3. Pick “casino” “table games” “baccarat”. 4. Bet $50 on the “Player” and $50 on the “Dealer” and hit “deal.” (This ensures that no matter what happens, whoever wins, you will at least get your own $100 back.) Either way you win your $100 deposit back; and the $100 token is deposited in your account as well. If the Dealer won that first bet, there’s a $2.50 commission, but you’re still ahead by $97.50 as it’s taken out of your bonus token. 5. Press “Rebet” and there will be another deal (don’t worry, you don’t have to proceed with it). Now, because you made your first bet, that $100 token has been transferred into your account as cash. You should now have either $197.50 or $200 in your online account (depending on who won in step 4). 6. Just close the betting window now without proceeding any farther with betting. 7. Go to “account” “withdraw” and you can withdraw $200 cash to your bank account. 8. Log out of your account. Once the cash shows up in your bank account (and if you have online banking you can confirm that promptly), you can delete your account entirely – I’m planning to do so. Note that this only works one time, because you have to enter your own name and that name has to be directly connected to the bank account where the money will be deposited.

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  1. Adam, thanks for posting this. I knew about it, but was too chicken to figure it out for myself. The only thing I’d add would be: Don’t forget to log out of your account at the end.


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