Four years of!

My site as it looked before the 2006 WordPress-ification.
Well, it’s birthday time here at – my website’s birthday, that is! I was checking my archives in order to help answer this survey about the “State of the Blogosphere” – and discovered that my first post in the WordPress format, and thus my first modern blog post, was on August 29, 2006… and it took me about a month after that to convert the whole site to WordPress (it was just one page at first). Since I posted a comment about the full-site conversion on October 1, I’m going to assume that is the Official Birthday. Of course, I registered my domain name in June of 2001, and started up a website not long after that – so I’ve actually been a published presence on the web for over nine years. But, as I explained in that first WordPress post (note the URL that shows it as post “1”!), updating a traditional, hand-built site was tough going – and after a few years, I realized I simply wasn’t doing it. Finally in 2006, I gave in, and relented on the “build it by hand” ethic. Not a moment too soon. The move to WordPress really invigorated my site, by making it so much easier to post stuff on a whim. It was a big project, not only crafting the framework for the new site, but also porting over all the content that had been sitting on my old one – mostly the photos, which I converted into Flickr galleries. Since then, it’s only gotten easier, and the Web more interconnected via Facebook and Twitter. And throughout it all, I’ve enjoyed putting creative content out there and sharing random observations with my friends and with the world at large – and surprisingly, more than a few people have stumbled across my blog and told me they enjoyed something they saw there. That’s reward enough for me!

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