Bad Movie Night: Saturday April 9

Legendary Hollywood Flops on the Big (Home) Screen! There’s been several movies on my “video wish list” to catch up with someday – movies from the 70’s/80’s that are known mainly for being big-budget failures. I speak of the likes of “Ishtar” or “1941”, or “The Last Action Hero”. Some have been redeemed by the passage of time and gained a cult following. Some may have just been misguided from the start. But I wanted to judge for myself. On Saturday, April 9, I’m finally going to do just that. And any connoisseurs of bad cinema are welcome to join me! Come on out and see one or two of these legendary films and let’s see if they live up – or down – to their hype. They’ll be on our big 42″ screen with surround sound so they will at least look and sound good! “Ishtar” was due for a Blu-Ray release this month but it has sadly been delayed, and even Videomatica, who has everything, only has it on VHS. Ouch. However Steven Spielberg’s “1941” with Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi is on DVD and available! Here’s an appreciative review that sort of sums up the good, bad and ugly about it. I’m open to a second feature, perhaps “Glen or Glenda” by the legendary Ed Wood. Or… do YOU have a “bad movie” you’d like to see? Let me know! I will also throw in a Mystery Science Theatre short subject! Why now? Well, Christine (for some strange reason) has exactly zero interest in watching Hollywood flops – and detested MST3K. And on this weekend she will very conveniently be in Alberta with Max, visiting her folks. She has given her hearty approval to me doing this while she’s safely out of the province! So come one, come all to Bad Movie Night!

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