Latest greatest Max photos

Well, being a Dad has been a fantastic experience so far. I just feel so comfortable with him, holding him, soothing him, even changing him. Maybe waiting a little later than some to have him made for a more relaxed Daddy. The lil’ peanut is a natural charmer, and (by and large) a pretty mellow fellow. Which is not to say he doesn’t wail sometimes for no apparent reason! But (touch wood) he seems to eventually settle down. And when he does… and he looks up at me with one of those heart-melting, tiny grins… and his big eyes light up… well, what can I say? I’m totally in love. Here’s a few more of my latest, favourite pics of our little guy!

1 thought on “Latest greatest Max photos

  1. What a beautiful Max! You can already see his soul … Of course, I am 2 or 3 months late and I know Max has grown a lot now. But this is how I see him THEN. I think I see your eyes, Adam. :)

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