Behind the scenes: Dulé Hill delivers a James-Brown-style performance on PSYCH Last July, I was privileged to briefly join the world of USA Network’s hit comedy crime caper “Psych”, thanks to my being cast in a small non-speaking role. Thus I spent the day at Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom where scenes from a 1967 flashback were filmed, including Dulé Hill’s turn as a James Brown-style soul singer called Myles Velour. Hill really showed his chops as a stage performer, delivering some dynamite moves! Even though he wasn’t singing live but only miming to a playback, he delivered great energy and an electrifying performance that had everyone in the room, both in front of and behind the camera, rapt with attention. Now that the show has finally aired, I’m happy to share this inside view of the filming. I have to also share one other funny tidbit. Dulé Hill was so energetic in doing the “splits”, that on the third run-through of the song, it was a literal split – his pants ripped! That’s when they called “cut” and called it a day. All in all it was a real pleasure being on set, and everyone was really nice. I’m sad that this is the final season of “Psych” – I’ve discovered what a fun show it is. I’m now enjoying it in sequence from Season 1 on Netflix!

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