My appearance on “Psych”!

Now it can be told… and shown! Yes, after spending an exciting day at the Commodore Ballroom last June, my bit-part appearance in “Psych” has finally aired across the U.S. (Unfortunately, it won’t air in Canada until the summer when it begins its run on Global.)  Though my appearance was quite honestly of the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it variety, I was delighted to appear in a show which I’ve become a fan of since my appearance. Here’s a video showing my scenes – and  I’ve used Psych-style  special effects to help you spot me! Prior to being cast in Psych, I honestly only knew nothing about it but the name (ironic but not uncommon in the world of acting gigs, I’m sure). But from the moment I read the script of my episode, I realized I’d stumbled onto a really funny and entertaining show that I would have watched even if I wasn’t in it! Sadly, the show is in its final season after an impressive 8-year(!) run. But happily the entire run (through last season) is on Netflix, so I’ve been working my way through the show  from episode 1. Looking forward to a lot of fake-psychic mystery-solving generously sprinkled with laughs. Here’s some of the highlights of my experience (check out the full gallery on my Photos page): A couple of weeks before the shoot, I headed for North Shore studios to get “suited up” (literally) for my role. I was playing one of two bodyguard/goons for a crime boss – in 1967! So there was a nice retro vibe to my threads: a sharp, thin-lapelled suit and skinny tie. On the shoot day, I found the “circus” – the home base where trailers for the cast, hair and makeup, and wardrobe are all set up. Yes, I got my own trailer! Sadly, no Jacuzzi. And if you’re thinking I’m not looking too “goonish” yet… that happened after my visit to hair and makeup: There I am, hair slicked back and ready to break a few kneecaps. But without creasing my suit, of course. And check out those pointy shoes! A “shuttle” van ride had brought me and my fellow henchman to the Commodore Ballroom set. And here’s where the fun really began. Since these scenes took place in the 1967 version of the “Limelighter Lounge”, the old place was really dressed up… …and so were the people! Seriously, it was an explosion of late-sixties cool. Though the time frame was rendered more cartoonishly in the “Austin Powers” films, the scene here was drop-dead elegant, with every extra decked out in utterly fun and seriously cool threads. OK, those earrings are a bit much but there was some sophisticated and sexy style happenin’ on both the guys and gals. As a retrophile who loves to get a blast from the past and owns both a record player and an 8-track, this was a dream come true! It was like I’d gone into a time machine. I spent a lot of time just strolling around and enjoying the sights! Here’s Natasha Gayle (left) and friend, portraying the backup singers for soul legend “Myles Velour”. Some more of the incredible scenery, clothes and detailing on display. Lunch break, with William J. Phillips, who plays the poor guy who gets hoisted out of his seat at the Limelighter by me and my goon friend, and dragged off to an uncertain fate that seems likely to involve some pummelling. Next to him is my fellow “Goon” – and I wish I had his name. Sadly, though we gooned side-by-side, he wasn’t listed in the end credits. Apologies, my friend! You and I made a great team. And last but not least… Here’s me with the lovely and talented Maggie Lawson, who plays chief inspector Juliet O’Hara on the show. She was very personable in the brief time we chatted, and was gracious enough to pose for a pic. Little did I know that this would be quite a big episode for her character! And that’s it – my day of “Psych”ing-out finally came to an end, and now all these months later, the show has finally aired. It has certainly whet my appetite for more TV work… perhaps even the kind where you don’t need a freeze-frame to see me!

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  1. Nice job on Psych Adam! Thanks for the tweet to link me to the clip.

    And the blog about the day Priceless!!

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