I need YOU for my “Eight-Day Plan” to win that “MAD MEN” role!

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who has been supporting me on my quest to win the “MAD MEN Casting Call contest” (and a walk-on role on this fantastic show)! With only 8 full days of voting left (through September 17), and the top finalists already with 20,000 or more votes, and me with just over 600, landing amongst the top 10 and being a finalist would seem to be a long shot. But a closer look at the rankings shows that I could still be a finalist! However, I’ll need your help – because I can only do this by harnessing the “power of the crowd”! First things first. The voting link is: www.bit.ly/VoteForAdam Looking at the contest site, there’s a total of 4,728 entries… but I am ranked number 415 – which means I’m in the top 10%! And I don’t have to be the very top votegetter, just in the top 10 of the male entries. I’ve done the math, crunched the numbers, and determined what needs to happen for me to have a chance at winning. So, what am I asking of you? Two things. REQUEST ONE: I’m asking everyone who receives this message to generate FOUR VOTES every day for these last 8 days of the contestFour votes, you say? Aren’t I only allowed one? Well, not really. You can vote once per day in each browser you have installed on your computer (such as Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Google Chrome). Don’t forget your smartphone if you have one. Multiple computers also seem to work for additional votes, if you have access to more than one. Best of all, the four votes don’t all have to come from you! See Request Two. REQUEST TWO: Share my quest! That expands my votes exponentially and leverages your influence by a factor of, well… however many friends and coworkers you’re willing to pass this email along to! If my quest “goes viral”, I can really collect the votes – and your 4 votes per day can be more easily achieved. And share my promo video at http://www.bit.ly/AdamsMadMenVideo . There’s a “Share” button directly below the video. (The voting link is also listed under the video.) I want to give this the very best shot that I can – and with enough help, I just might do it. So I hope that, in these final eight days of voting, you will be able to help me out to whatever degree you’re comfortable with. I hope my request isn’t too annoying, and of course I just am putting this out there with no expectations. But if we can really “kick it up a notch” for these last eight days, I may have a real chance at this. Whatever you can do, thanks for reading this far… and for all of your support and encouragement! Adam

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