On the set of “Wait for Rain”

SDC13680 In a drought-ridden future where water has replaced oil as Earth’s most precious commodity, people wear plants around their necks as status symbols, and to establish their place in the office pecking order. At least that’s the premise in “Wait For Rain” – a short film created by Josh Epstein and Kyle Rideout, which includes Peter Deluise and BC Hall of Famer Blu Mankuma among its cast. I’m one of the group of “background performers” – what they used to call “extras”. But as it’s a fairly small group, I should be fairly visible in the finished film, which takes place in a sort of boiler-room operation full of salespeople hawking water pipes to wealthy international buyers. We’re in a building off of Powell Street that I’ve passed countless times, the one with the sign on it saying “Available for Movie Filming”. And whadya know, that’s exactly what it’s now being used for. The building is actually quite a dank and creepy place – creaky wooden staircases and freight elevator, every nook and cranny emanating decades of industrial use. Water drips from the wooden ceiling planks during the rainy weather. Yet they’ve transformed the top floor of this dark and forbidding place into a lively, bright pseudo-office space. It’s quite a sight, and overall quite an experience being a part of this project. The biggest draw for me is simply being on a set with all of these creative and talented people. Just observing everything going on, I have learned a lot. And of course I got some great behind-the-scenes pictures! Click here to view the entire photoset.

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