I’m Found Magazine’s “Find of the Day”!

I always knew that one day, my penchant for picking up random items on the street would, if not leading me to fame and fortune, at least be vindicated in some way. And I’m excited to announce that the day of said vindication has, at long last, arrived. My submission to Found Magazine was chosen as their “Find of the Day”! Today only (August 7), you’ll find it on the front page of their site. Later on it should be viewable at this permanent link. The original was a rough business plan for some sort of escort service or something – listing startup costs, advertising rates, and the like. But the last item suddenly veered from the purely informational into the realm of the humorous, with a bit of humorous speculation about Andre, seemingly a close acquaintance of the list-maker. This is the portion that Found selected for their visual. Check it out! And don’t miss the comments section, already chock-a-block with interesting observations…

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