Vancouver shows off its Pride

Summer in the West End means two exciting events come to my doorstep: the four nights of the”Celebration of Light” fireworks shows, and topping the month off, the Pride Parade. This year was a special one for me, as for the first time since I moved up here, my Mom was in town during both these events and able to see in person what I had been raving about. This year’s parade was particularly special – not only was there a record crowd, but the overall vibe just seemed to be set to extra-joyous. There was a time I’d have told you I was getting a little jaded about the Pride Parade, but this year – maybe because of my special guest – it seemed even more fun than ever.  Of course, the usual elements were all in place, without which it just isn’t a Pride Parade. I mentally checked them off in order as the procession went by: Check out my photos and enjoy the sights of Pride!

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