Kingsway Appreciation Cruise – Monday, March 24

kingsway2.jpg Hi all, I was saddened to read of the imminent closing of Wally’s Burgers on Kingsway at the end of this month, and the resulting disappearance of one last bit of that strip’s historic car culture. Between that and the looming “redevelopment” of the 2400 Motel, the last one standing of many such motels that used to line Kingsway, the little historic character that remains on the “Royal Road” will soon be a memory. So, I say, let’s go celebrate it while we still can! On Monday, March 24th, last day of the Easter long weekend, you’re invited to join me as we cruise down Kingsway, and into the past, in my classic 1963 Rambler. Our first stop: the 2400 Motel, with its individual “cabin” style accommodation and its truly fabulous neon sign. Then, we’ll head for Wally’s Burgers for some classic drive-in style food under the fading but still jaunty-looking Wally’s sign. Be sure to order the “top-secret relish”. If at all possible, do dress for the fabulous 50’s and 60’s era we will be celebrating. From Fonzie-style greaser or poodle skirted bobby-soxer to Kennedy-era cat-eye glasses and scarf wraps… or wherever your imagination (and available wardrobe) takes you! Depending where you are, I can pick you up on the way or meet you at the 2400 – just let me know. I plan to leave the West End at 10:00 AM. Email me if you’re interested!

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