Performing at the Vancouver Ukulele Circle

Since discovering the Vancouver Ukulele Circle last December, I’ve looked forward with anticipation  and a little trepidation to stepping up and performing there myself. I could tell that if I was ever going to do it, this was the place – the atmosphere was so welcoming, and beginners alternated with more seasoned players. So, in February, up I went. I picked a song that was simple to play but that I felt would be a funny surprise, and which I could wrap a good anecdote around by way of introducing it. Yes, I’m talking about the theme from Max’s favourite Netflix show, “Mighty Machines”. It would be half stand-up and half song, really. And it went very well! The comedy opening got the crowd with me right away. Musically, there was a moment of tuning trouble, and one mangled chord, but then I hit my stride and it was smooth sailing from there on in. It helped knowing that, at the VUC, first-time performers are always given a standing ovation! With that, I was hooked. So this month, I stepped up again, this time with a witty new wave classic I’ve always loved – “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” by Joe Jackson. More just a song than a monologue this time. And again, it seemed to go over really well – I didn’t expect so much enthusiastic singing along! Oh, and this time I was rockin’ the red herringbone vintage sport jacket – for which I received many compliments. Not sure if they were meant ironically. I plan to keep performing as long as they’ll keep letting me, so if you want to check it out, come on down to Our Town Café the third Tuesday of the month. (But be warned, early arrival is essential if you want to get a seat!)

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