It’s “Back to the Future”… told in one ukulele song!

uke-and-car While watching the recent, wonderful documentary “Back in Time” on Netflix, I was struck by the beautiful instrumental guitar version of the movie’s orchestral theme. And then it struck me like a bolt of lightning: I could write WORDS to that music! I could accompany myself on ukulele, and voila – an instant novelty tune that was sure to strike a chord with fans of the film. I’d written musical parodies before, but never something quite so close to my heart as this, a tribute to one of the most well-crafted, exciting, and entertaining movie trilogies of all time. Writing this song became my obsession over the next couple of months – sometimes put on the back burner while other things took over my free time, but never far from my thoughts. I scribbled lyrics on pieces of paper, jotted them on my phone, pieced them together on my computer. It started to take shape. The structure became clear. The switch to a second tune in the middle section became obvious. The gaps became smaller. Finally… it was done. Having performed at the Vancouver Ukulele Circle in the past, I knew I’d have a welcoming place to show off my creation. So on April 19, 2016, I attended the monthly event after a long absence, and laid my creation on the crowd during the “solo performance” part of the evening. The reaction was reassuringly positive. So here it is, ready to share far and wide with Back to the Future fans everywhere. It’s the entire movie condensed down to seven verses! Key moments are seen in still frames to refresh your memory – and I think the end result is something really fun. Enjoy!

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